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Earth Dollar (ED)

Was released on
September 21, 2016 12:28
The Earth Dollar is a Decentralized Living Economic System Based on the Preservation of Life on Our Planet The Earth Dollar is made up of 3 major components: (a) Fuel: The “Earth Dollar” as the fuel for social change; (b) Economic Engine: The “Living Economic System” is the economic engine for massive social change, which revitalizing Mother Earth and Global Economies; it is also connected to the World Heritage Sanctuaries, and c) Synergy Platform: “Synergy” is a decentralized blockchain technology that can provide the following services: payment processing, paying rewards, running Smart Contracts, running Computer Applications, calculating Ecological Footprint, monetizing Assets, and Medical Research. (a) Fuel: The Earth Dollar is an asset backed complementary currency, that is decentralized, non-inflationary, and uses blockchain technology. While the Earth Dollar is independent of any political affiliations, borders or nation-states, the Earth Dollar is also the national currency of some indigenous nations, and the legal complementary currency of some local governments. The publicized $4 trillion in estimated assets have been pledged on the blockchain to back the Earth Dollar; these assessments will be autonomously verified and is expected to be completed by the Fall of 2016, by applying the Natural Capital Accounting System (NCA). The Fall 2016 report for asset evaluation will include as follows: (Land cover map and geospatial database by land cover classification of all lands, natural resources, ecosystem services, and areas of significance for traditional use; Carbon budget and GHG emissions assessment and map; Marketable Natural Resource Asset valuation, highest and best-use analysis of natural capital; Ecosystem services valuations for 18 ecosystem services; Traditional Land Use Mapping and Valuation; Human Industrial Footprint and Industrial Disturbance analysis and loss to traditional values: Estimated economic/cultural (TLU)/ecological costs of damages incurred from human/industrial impact; Completion of a Natural Capital Asset Balance Sheet and Valuations for the Earth Dollar to inform strategic decision making) (b) Economic Engine: The Earth Dollar is designed to Heal Our Mother Earth (H.O.M.E.), by running a parallel economic system based on the wellness of Mother Earth. The Earth Dollar also mitigate the effects of climate change, helps to further the goal of ending global poverty, can revitalize our global economies and able to resolve some of the world’s biggest problems. The Earth Dollar works in alongside national currencies, and complementary currencies. The world is getting more interconnected, and global problems such as climate change, pollution, collapsing economies, poverty, and war require global collaborative solutions. The world already has many solutions, but “there isn’t enough money” to implement them. While the world spends about over $1.7 trillion annually on war, it “does not have” $30 billion per year to feed the millions of people dying from hunger every year. We could convert all our homes to solar power, but “it is too expensive”. There is “not enough funding” to reverse climate change... “not enough money” to provide clean water to all the world’s population... The scarcity of money is a man-made problem and the Earth Dollar can provide a way to funnel the power of money into the solutions. (c) Synergy Platform: The “Synergy” Platform is a decentralized blockchain consensus technology that is cloned from an upgraded and modified version of Ethereum, which runs the “Living Economic System”. Synergy will provide the following services: payment processing, paying rewards, running Smart Contracts, running Computer Applications, calculating Ecological Footprint, monetizing Assets, and Medical Research. The Synergy Platform is being developed into a decentralized super computer.


  • Algorithm:

    Dagger Hashimoto
  • Nr. Coins:

    400 Billion Coins
  • Distribution:

    PoS & PoW
An upgraded and enhanced clone of Ethereum




Road Map

Release of Earth Dollar

Released on September 21, 2016 12:28